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Zero-plus pricing!

Zero-plus pricing gives you a single price for everything you could want in an apartment. It is a luxury that we provide (1) because of our commitment to produce all the building’s net-energy needs with our large solar array and (2) to keep things as simple as possible for our tenants. It means no extra bills for you to keep track of and complete predictability of your costs. Here is a list of everything that is included in your single apartment fee:

  • Electricity* – your electric needs are covered, including for laundry, lighting, hot water and everything else you plug in. You will also be able to track your own energy consumption and help us achieve the building’s net-zero-energy goals.
  • Water* – your water needs (hot and cold) are covered as well.
  • High-efficiency appliances – refrigerator, dishwasher, induction range & oven, microwave oven.
  • High-efficiency clothes washer & dryer.
  • Wifi / internet – Surf, game, and go crazy with ultra-high-speed internet (300 MB up and down) and wifi available to you in your unit and throughout the building.
  • Streaming Video / Cable TV – Spectrum TV Select programming. You also have the ability to upgrade to wider programming choices at your own cost.
  • Heating and cooling – our state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems will keep you comfortable and well ventilated at no additional cost.
  • Energy recovery ventilator – provide filtered outdoor air dedicated to each apartment unit.
  • EV Charging** – 20 EV charging stations in the Zero Place parking lot available at no cost.
  • Amenities: Rooftop deck and gym – our rooftop deck will allow you to enjoy New Paltz like nowhere else, with views of the ridge! Enjoy quiet time or chats with friends. Plant your herbs in the community herb garden in planters on the deck. Take a look at the 246 kW solar array that provides all of the building’s net-energy. Zero Place’s gym, conveniently located next to the lobby, provides cardio machines that generate electricity for the building! You’ll also find strength training machines and space for other athletic activities. Both of these amenities come with the market-rate apartments.***
  • Other community amenities – take your bike on the adjacent Empire State Trail or enjoy the retail establishments that share the building. Take a stroll to neighboring Huguenot St or into the heart of the Village. Enjoy the abundant bike parking scattered around the Zero Place property. Take a dip in Moriello Pool, conveniently located across the street from Zero Place.

* Zero Place provides 125% of your expected utility and water needs at no additional cost. Electricity consumption exceeding these thresholds will result in amounts separately charged.
** As car charging usage increases, Zero Place may begin to charge for this service.
*** A $50.00 amenity fee is included in the total pricing for market-rate apartments. Affordable housing unit pricing and amenities are handled differently. Please see Zero Place management for details.

UPDATE on Zero Place!

We want to thank everyone for your encouragement and excitement as you’ve watched Zero Place going up, despite the weeks-long COVID pause. It is exciting to see how many want to join us in our zero-energy mission and to become part of the Zero Place community. We know that you are anxious to understand the timeline for opening as well as the application process. Apartments will be generally available by January 1, 2021. We hope to make some apartments available even earlier and open on a rolling basis. We will share the timing of the opening on each unit as part of our online application process, which we anticipate rolling out within one to two weeks. We will advertise this application process prominently, and we will also honor the ordered list of people who expressed interest over the past couple of years as an important factor.